RE-FLEXIO-bandcamp 01.jpg

double 10” vinyl 33rpm
+ digital download WAV/Mp3 

Marco Zanotti

alluminium 24x24cm engraving (limited ed. 64 pcs)

Gaia Carboni


The phenomenon of re-fexio in physics consists in sending back a part of the energy of the waves incident on a body, be they luminous, electromagnetic or elastic like the sound (from the Latin re- again, backwards and fex-io to fex, to bend).

Moreover, it stands for sending the thought back to something, reconsidering it carefully. If we wait for the refected light to change, if we shift our point of view, if we compare our impression with those of other observers and reformulate our defnition after making other experiences, then our "understanding" will be deeper.


All tracks composed and arranged by Marco Zanotti, except track n.10 composed by Valeria Nasci

Recorded at Duna Studio, Russi, Italy (tracks A2, A4, B4, C4, D1, D2, D3), Favela’s home studio (A3, B1, B3, C1, C2, C3), Hummingbird Lodge, Cayo, Belize (B2), Rawspa, Bullet Tree Falls, Belize (A1)

Other feld recordings from Aldeia Manga (Santo Antão, Cabo Verde), Inhambane’s harbour (Mozambique), Guachalito (Chocò, Colombia), Kruger National Park (South Africa), Musafr (Indian Ocean, Kenya), San Basilio de Palenque (Bolivar, Colombia), Via Cupa canal (Chiesuola, Italy)

Mixed and mastered by Andrea Scardovi at Duna Studio, Russi, Italy

Produced by Marco Zanotti Published by Brutture Moderne

from the album's liner notes:

This work is born from the inexhaustible quantity of stories, encounters and sounds that I have been gathering for many years, through travels, meetings and experiences. Whether they are solitary or shared, they continue to amaze me for their perennial evolution to the simple passing of time.

After several ensemble projects (Classica Orchestra Afrobeat, Del Barrio and Cucoma Combo to mention some) and almost always sitting on the drumset, Re-fexio sees me mostly alone and instead of the drums I'm playing some instruments like kamalen'goni, mbira, sanza, a handpan called Zefro and a series of percussions, some of them just invented.

There are compositions which were conceived in front of a sea or recorded in the middle of a forest with a small mobile studio, other ones came out of the silence of an open space, early in the morning or late at night. Although few of them have resisted intact the action of time without enduring any refection, most of the drafts have let themselves be manipulated. Poured into different containers, they have changed shape many times, until each one has met the other ones in this collection, which more than any other of my past works sofar, tells about my most intimate sphere and my desire to experiment.

RE-LEXIO is released in a limited edition 10-inches double vinyl record and in WAV / Mp3 digital format, alongside the artwork by Italian artist Gaia Carboni, a sensitive and visionary soul with whom I formulated the rhetoric of this work. The common ground that Gaia and me share, also beacuase we grew in the same village, gives us so much affnity each time we come together from our travels and our lifes.

Marco Zanotti