A long lasting musical friendship between a great composer and amazing performer from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Last concerts includes Teatro S.André, Sao Paulo and Festival das Palavras, Assis (SP, Brazil).


Elio Camalle - vocals and guitar

Marco Zanotti - drums, pandeiro, cajon


Voodoo Funk from Benin

Beninoise bass player and composer Ruffino deliver an electric load of afro-beat infected with Voodoo rhythms.


Last concerts includes Teatro Centofiori, Bologna (IT) and Gratis Club, Senigallia (IT)


Patrick Ruffino - vocals, bass

Indy Dibongue - guitar

Marco Zanotti - drums

Federico Squassabia - rhodes

Guglielmo Pagnozzi - sax

Mr ZE'

"Muito Café" 

12 original compositions recorded and written between Rio, Minas Gerais and Bologna


featuring Toninho Horta, Ronaldo do Bandolim, Barbara Casini, ecc..


Live acts include Festival della Creatività (Firenze-IT) and Lagoa do Nado (Belo Horizonte - BR)


Patricia de Assis - vocals

Steve Girotti - guitars

Gabriel Caporali - bass and cavaquinho

Marco Zanotti - drums and percussion

Anderson Souza - percussion


"Il Primo Passo"


Brazilian Choro with Italian flavour

World music compositions from Italy.


Live acts include Piazza Santo Stefano (Bologna-IT) Centro Cultural Carioca (Rio de Janeiro - BR), Teatro Municipal de Niteroi (BR)


Cristina Renzetti - vocals

Rocco Casino Papia - guitar

Tim Trevor-Briscoe - sax and clarinet

Giancarlo Bianchetti - guitars

Davide Garattoni - bass

Marco Zanotti - drums

Davide Bernaro - percussions

Bologna had the first Italian choro ensemble, back around 2007. Its name was simply RODA DE CHORO, playing in the traditional summer jams in the city's clubs and bars.


From there five musicians started a new project called Circolo Odeon, recording the omonimous album in 2012.

Besides choro classics there are some interpretations of songs by italian composers from the early XIX century, same period as choro flourishing in Brazil.


Barbara Piperno - flute

Tim Trevor Briscoe - clarinet

Marco Ruviaro - bandolim

Rocco Casino Papia - 7 strings guitar

Marco Zanotti - pandeiro


Musica Popular Brasileira


"Back in a new day"

Everyday work with my brother from Natal (BR). 

Side project was 'ROUND, an album dedicated to bossanova featuring Lucio Ferrara (guitar), Maurizio De Gasperi (piano) and Andrea Taravelli (d.bass)


Live acts include Teatro Lauro Rossi (Macerata - IT) and Festival Jazz Sant'Elpidio (Ancona - IT)

Break the Funk - hip hop dance

Francesco Giampaoli - bass

Marco Zanotti - drums


Bossanova and MPB


Master songwriter from Cuba


Three drummers into one

Chicco Capiozzo - drums

Vince Vallicelli - drums

Marco Zanotti - drums


& Funk 4 of us

Long lastin collaboration with singer Ivete Souza from Belem do Parà (BR). 


Live acts include Manosque Jazz Festival (FR), Centro Cultural Sao Paulo (BR) and Festival Brasiliano di Bologna (IT)

Pleased to be collaborating with one of the best composer and performer from Cuba, playing some of his large and intense repertoire.


Pavel Urkiza - vocal, guitar and ukulele

Marco Zanotti - drums, cajon

Solid quintet powered by bass player from Chicago. Playing JB's, P-Funk, Meters and around


Last concerts includes Festival Spiagge Soul feat. Lisa Hunt, Ravenna (IT) and Funky Fresh, Modena (IT)


Vonn Washington - vocals, bass

Federico Squassabia - rhodes, synth

Francesco Plazzi - guitar

Marco Zanotti - drums


Brazil 70's

Samba oriented dance music from Rio de Janeiro, featuring singer Cristina Renzetti.


Cristina Renzetti - vocals

Rocco Casino Papia - guitar

Federico Squassabia - keyboards

Andrea Taravelli - bass

Marco Zanotti - drums

+ horns




Renato Geremicca - vocals

Marco Bovi - guitars

Maurizio Degasperi - piano

Francesco Giampaoli - bass

Filippo Mignatti - drums

Marco Zanotti - percussion