Marco Zanotti is an inspiring, unconventional, imprevedible musician, yet tirelessly curious and immersed into world music traditions. Through all kinds of real and invented percussions (playing, composing, arranging, recording or teaching) he communicates with audience and gives expression to his feelings.

Italian based multi-instrumentist Marco Zanotti has studied and formed all around Latin-America, Africa and Mediterranean area, playing with artists from so many corners of the world.


As a drummer, percussionist and director he leads since 2010 baroque chamber orchestra Classica Orchestra Afrobeat (Glastonbury-UK and Rome's Auditorium among recent live events), having recorded three albums featurng Seun Kuti, Sekouba Bambino, Baba Sissoko, Njamy Sitson.

Recent records and tours with Argentinean band Del Barrio, Colombian singer Carlos Forero's Cumbia Poder, A.Ramirez' Misa Criolla with soloists Antonella Ruggero, Maximiliano BaNos, Coro Costanzo Porta and Moscow Conservatory Choir.


Also he plays pandeiro on choro ensemble Regional Matuto and is currently working with avant-garde italian flutist Fabio Mina and with liutist Peppe Frana in Mothra trio (new vinyl in 2018 - HongKong/Japan/UK)

He has recorded dozens of records, mostly about world music, jazz and funk, collaborating with artists including Elio Camalle, Toninho Horta, Markus Stockhausen, Antonella Ruggiero, Patrizia Laquidara, Pavel Urkiza, Coro Farthan, Elisa Ridolfi etc.

Collaborations and productions with theatre and contemporary dance companise:

-Rachid Benzine's "Lettere a Nour" (ERT, direction Giorgio Sangati with F. Branciaroli and Marina Occhionero)

-"Duran Adam" and "Mbira" with choreographer Roberto Castello (Aldes)

-Fantateatro and Magnifico Teatrino Errante, Italy

He often holds percussions workshops, one of them being "Officina del Ritmo", since 2010.

He translated and add contents to the Italian edition ef "Fela this bitch of a life", by Carlos Moore.


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