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East Africa tour - photo book

Qualche scatto dalle tre settimane di tour / some pics from the three weeks tour

Jabel Kanuteh - Marco Zanotti





Thank you so much to Creatives Bhaag

and to:

Misha, Villaverde, Esther, Fendika Cultural Center, Jazzbyssinian band, Ethio groove band, Gabriella, Duna (Addis Ababa)

The Head Boys (Nairobi)

Paolo Rodo, Omar and all Musafir people (Kilifi)

Msafiri Zawose and family Zawose (Bagamoyo)

Lesly at Livingstone, Francesco at Coral Rock, Rumi, Dabo, Alex, Tofa boy, T-soul and Francesco (Zanzibar)

Flo', Simba, Simon, Omer, Mighty Popo (Kigali)

And big up for Khumariyan band which followed us along some of the gigs: Farhan, Sparley, Amed, Shiraz, Obaid Khan and Zahra.

- video documentary coming soon -

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